Pre-K 4

~*~ Welcome to Pre-K 4 ~*~

Mrs. Wegman ~ Ms. Rocco
Ms. Rojas ~ Ms. Blydenburgh ~ Ms. Monar

 Thank you for the wonderful gifts and treats! 
It was very kind of you to think of us during the Christmas season.

We are thrilled to announce that
Ms. Blydenburgh will be joining our Pre-K team!

Illustration Of A Snowman.png


This month we are learning:
Sign of the Cross
Prayer before meals
Our Father

 Letters K, N, M, S
Writing letters
A, E, I, O, U
F, D, P, B
L, T, H

Writing numbers 0- 10
Identifying numbers 11 - 20

Nocturnal Animals
Monarch Butterflies - Metamorphosis and Migration

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Pre K 4 is full day (8:30 am - 2:30 pm), five days a week.  Children need to bring a change of clothes, pillow and blanket to school.  Lunch and water need to be brought to school each day.  We ask that water comes in a sippy cup or thermos.  Plastic water bottles have a tendency to spill and leak.

We will ask for each child to bring in supplies (tissues, paper towels, baby wipes) monthly.  We will let you know when it will be your turn to bring in supplies.

Wish List
Laminating paper
Page protectors
Dry erase markers
Glue sticks with white glue - no purple glue

​Need to get rid of magazines?  
We will gladly accept magazines that contain great pictures!