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Stay tuned for important class news!

Kindergarten- Kindergarten is working on the website ABCya to practice and reinforce their math skills.  We will be working on sequential counting and basic addition.

Grade 1- First grade has received their login names and are working in class to learn how to properly login and log off the computer.  We are discussing the importance of the sequence of steps, and why we always are sure to log off after using the computer.

Grade 2 is learning how to log in to their school Google accounts.  We will be working in these accounts in computer class for the rest of the year.  We will be specifically learning how to work within Google Docs and Slides, and complete corresponding projects dealing with those two apps.  

3rd Grade
- Third grade is busy working on their animals projects.  Most children are nearly done or have finished their Google Slide presentations.  We are now working on typing the corresponding reports.  The due date for all the work is February 26, 2019.  We will contact parents soon after to join us for a special presentation of the third grade work.  

4th Grade:
   Fourth grade will be working on building their typing skills this year using the program Typetastic.  Additional work will be done on how to edit work using spell check functions, coding with both Code Studio and Scratch, and creating a Google Slides presentation on one of their classmates. 

Information has gone home about the Wax Museum project.  Children have all selected the historical figure they want to research and portray as part of the museum presentation.  Please be sure that your packet is in a safe location as you will be using those sheets to put together the tri-fold boards.  Tri-folds are due February 8, 2019.  The presentation is February 15, 2019.  

5th Grade: Fifth grade has begun work on a research project pertaining to our nation's national parks.  Each student has been assigned a park to conduct research on.  We will be working during computer/ library time to gather the information for their project, then complete a Google Slide show which will be presented to the class.  Guidelines and expectations are listed in the Google Classroom.

6th Grade: Students have several projects to work on this month.  Most importantly, is working on their History project related to Ancient Egypt.  Students only need to complete one blog this month, relating to their biography.

7th Grade: Seventh grade will be working on their passion projects this month.  Each student has selected a topic and received guidelines relating to the expectations.  All information is posted in the Computer Grade 7 Google Classroom page.

8th Grade:  Eighth grade is working on a group project to design a math lesson to present in class.  Each team will be research their assigned topic, writing a lesson plan, creating a Google slide show with corresponding math examples and vocabulary, and writing homework assignments.  Presentations begin right after February break.  Lesson plans, along with the corresponding worksheets and planned homework assignments must be submitted to Mr. Scapellati by February 15.